Atividade de inglês: Am/is/are (questions) – Ensino Médio

Atividade de língua inglesa: Am/is/are (questions) - Ensino Médio

    Atividade de inglês, voltada a alunos do ensino médio, sobre Am/is/are (questions).

    Esta atividade de Língua Inglesa está disponível para download em modelo editável do Word, pronto para impressão em PDF e também a atividade respondida.



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Am/ Is/ Are (Questions)


I   am

He   is

She  is

It   is

We   are

You   are

They  are



Am I?

Is he?

Is she?

Is it?

Are we?

Are you?

Are they?



I am not

He  is not

She is not

It is not

We are not

You are not

They are not


1.Write the questions.

name?  What´s your name?

a.married or single?

b.Australian? old?

d.a lawyer?


f.her name? old?



I´m married.

No. I´m Brazilian.     

I´m 24.

No. I´m a teacher.

 She´s Japan.


She´s  25.


2.Make questions with is or are:

(Why / you / later?)   Why are you late?

a.(at school / your children?)

b.(at home / your mother?)  

c.(your parents  / well?)       

d.(the shops /  open today?) 

e.(interested in sport /  you?)

f.(near here / the post office?)


3.Complete the questions with who, what, where, how.

Where is the bus stop?   At the end of the street.

a._______ are your parents? They´re very well.

b._______ colour are your new shoes?  Red.

c._______ is the woman in this photograph?   That´s my mother.

d._______ is your favourite sport? Football.

e._______ much are these apples? US $ 1,30 a kilo.

f._______ old are your children? Six, eight and eleven.


4.Find the right answers for the questions.


1.Where´s the lipsticks?            

2.Is your bicicle black?                          

3.Is Brenda from Brazil?            

4.Am I late?                            

5.Where´s Carol from?              

6.What colour is your car?          

7.Are you hungry?                    

8.How is Peter?                         

9.Who´s that man?



B.No, I am not.

C.Yes, you are.

D.My father.


F.No, it´s green.

G.In your bag.

H.No she´s Mexico.

I.Very well.














5.Write short answers with Yes, I am; No, she isn´t, etc.

a.Are you a teacher? Yes, I am.

b.Are your hands cold?

c.It is cold today?      

d.Is it dark now?       

e.Are you married?    

f.Are you thirsty?      


6.Put in am, is or are:

a.This bag ______ heavy.  

b.These bags ______ heavy.

c.I ______ not tired.

d.Look! There ______ Katy.

e.My sister and I ______ good tennis players.     

f.Ann ______ at home. Her children ______ at school.

g.The weather ______ nice today.

h.I ______ a taxi driver. My sister ______ a nurse.




Por Rosiane Fernandes Silva – Graduada em Letras

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